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MYMOCHA IM&EX Inc. is a Federal Canadian Corporation that specializes in exquisite Coffee trade. The name comes from a tiny port in the red sea that all coffee lovers owe their coffee to. Over a century ago,the founder's great grandfather was a major exporter of Yemeni Coffee Beans to Europe.



Few people know that Mocha is a city port famous for being the first and major marketplace for coffee trade from the 14th century until the 17th century. The port delivered the only premium Yemeni coffee worldwide after the discovery of coffee beans in Ethiopia. The association of the name with chocolate was carried by Europeans due to its chocolaty aftertaste. 

MYMOCHA INC. still carries the tradition of importing this limited exotic coffee beans from Yemen, whose role as the only coffee producer was almost forgotten by the rest of the world but never given up growing original premium coffee despite all the difficulties.